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in ring moves

Post  super destroyer xxx on Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:32 am

Super Destroyer XXX Makes A Time Out Signal And Walks Over To The Corner To Change The Momentum Of The Match executing The Show Stopper
Super Destroyer XXX Admires His Work And Yells Get Up executing The Get Up Punk Get Some More Punishment
Super Destroyer XXX Exits The Ring And Goes To The Beer Stand And Drinks A Cold Refreshment And Returns To The Ring executing The Take Your Time I Will Be Here When You Wake Up
Major Pain (level 43)(Air Raid Siren)
Thats Got To Hurt (level 39)(forearm Smash)
When Pigs Fly (level 18)(Monkey Toss)
Super Destroyer XXX sneaks up from behind
and puts his right arm around opponents throat pulls him backwards and the back of his head hits the mat still squeezing executing a devastating Anaconda Squeeze(submission)
Super Destroyer XXX waits for the right moment and
wickedly throws a punch at the face of the opponent executing a devastating Super Heart Stopper(direct Damage)
Super Destroyer XXX performs a knee shattering sidekick
and grabs the leg forcing opponent to the mat for the pin executing a devastating See You Later(pin)
super destroyer xxx

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