Dom and Don's Moves

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Dom and Don's Moves

Post  Dom and Don on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:33 am

dom and don share the same taunts and trademark moves.


dom/don stands over his stunned opponent. he takes a deep breath, before suddenly snorting a huge wad of snot on his opponent.

dom/don puts his foot on top of his downed opponent, going for an arrogant pin. but he quickly takes his foot off when the ref starts to count, laughing as he does so.


jumping front kick

gorilla press powerslam

strangling chokehold


dom: dom grabs the groggy [nome] and hurls him facefirst into the corner. as [nome] staggers backwards, dom viciously crushes him from behind with a LEGENDARY Paralyzing Surprise!

don: don picks up the dazed [nome], and in the blink of an eye drops straight down in a LEGENDARY Sitdown Tombstone Piledriver!
Dom and Don

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