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Wrestler name: Sebastian Morocco
Alignment: Heel
Weight Class: Lightweight
Gender: Male
Where you live: None of your business
Gimmick: basic heel, likes to make alliances with others, 'stronger in numbers', always finds an excuse of why he lost.
Entrance: Flames shoot out of the entrance ramp as Sebastian Morocco makes his way to the ring, with Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed playing throughout the arena.
Short Bio: He is a man who is willing to hurt anyone to get to the top. He has always felt he wasn't treated fairly in his life, being called an underdog, and likes to take his anger out, by either beating his opponents, or verbally abusing the fans.

Here's my moves:

Finisher: Lithosphere Drop- Sebastian Morocco gets a fireman's carry with his opponent's head on his left and slams him on the mat back first on his right executing a LEGENDARY Lithosphere Drop!!
Signature Move: Morocco Slam- Sebastian Morocco lifts the opponent on his shoulders horizontally making him fly over his head slamming him on the mat performing a MORTAL Morocco Slam!!
Taunt: High Thoughts- Sebastian Morocco Raises Both Hands In The Air With His Head Looking High executing A High Thoughts
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