Keep Away from Salty Foods

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Keep Away from Salty Foods

Post  Salty Foods on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:24 pm

Wrestler name : Salty Foods
Alignment : Tweener
Weightclass : lightweight
Gender : Male
Where do u live: Czech Republic
Nickname : Moe
Gimmick : Salty foods is very funny all the time. He loves to insult people . he love to annoy the living hell outta people. he's is one big son of a gun !
Entrance: Light go off . a background music plays (only music)

The spotlight is on the Arena entrance. Salty Foods Enters and the crowd starts screaming for their favorite superstar . Salty Foods enters the ring n looks around ..then he climbs the turnbuckle and posses for his beautiful crowd .

Bio: Salty Foods dreams to make it big in the world of wrestling. He dreams to become the ultimate bleeder knocking down all his enemies and making history.
Salty Foods

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