A new look

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A new look

Post  Tom Lehmann on Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:05 pm

Lets Drink a Beer by Frenzal Rhomb sounds around the stadium

Leonard Simmons: Huh? Who's music is this?

Joseph Bobbins: It looks like L-Dawg but much, much, much, MUCH skinner and is slightly better clothes than what he normally wears.

Tom Lehmann grabs a mic and starts talking

Tom Lehmann: Im sick of looking like an idiot, sick of wearing that stupid fat suit and sick of trying to make you idiot fans cheer for me. Yes now you shall not know me as L-Dawg but you shall know as Tom Lehmann. Now the main reason i come out here wasn't to tell you fools that I don't care for you anymore. I came out here to say that i want a title shot...wait let me rephrase that, I DEMAND a title shot next season and if I don't, lets just say you wouldn't want to see what happens!...[/b]

Suddenly Lehmann gets interrupted

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