A attack on the Beast (anyone can be the attacker)

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A attack on the Beast (anyone can be the attacker)

Post  Monte_44 on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:51 am

Monte_44 leaves the gym after his training season. Then appears Wilhelmina Burke, who wants to make an interview with him.

Wilhelmina Burke: Hi, Monte. I want to congratulate you. You can be a rookie here on WDW, but last week you make a very big impression with that victory against boykilrer. Seeing your match, both of you can look any thing, but not two guys making their debut.

Monte_44: Thanks, Wilhelmina. Boykilrer and I are both competitors, and we face each other so many times. This time I won, but there won't be a second time here on WDW, at least for now. None of us want that. I accepted his open challenge because he is the proper man to do a great match, worth of our debut. Now, I want to face more people in this fed to become a true contender, and show why I...

A masked man attacks Monte_44 from behind with a chair shot, then uses the chair to apply a DDT on the chair. After that, the attacker runs before security (called by Wilhelmina Burke) arrives.

Despite that attack, Monte_44 doesn't seem injured.

Monte_44: Big mistake... You still don't know who is the Beast of the Mountains, and, when i know who are you, you will regret this foolish attempt...

Leonard: What an attack!!! But it wasn't effective. Monte_44 is perfectly. The only thing that man get was getting angry the beast... What will do that man now?


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