Dough Boy's Interview

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Dough Boy's Interview

Post  Dough Boy on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:10 pm

Allison Banks is seen backstage standing beside Dough Boy who is leaned up against a wall.

Allison Banks: "Welcome! I am Allison Banks and I'm here backstage with NPW superstar Dough Boy who will be part of the NPW Gonk Title Tournament! Mr. Dough Boy, what are your thoughts about being part of the tournament for NPW's most prestigious title?"

Dough Boy continues to lean on the wall saying absolutely nothing.

Allison Banks: "Oh, I guess we got an interview shy wrestler over here. Please don't be afraid of the camera sir, it won't bite."

Again Dough Boy continues to lean on the wall saying absolutely nothing.

Allison Banks: "Anything? C'mon don't tell me you are not even excited."

Even though Dough Boy has consciousness, being made entirely out of Dough with no larynx makes it impossible for him to reply to the lovely young lady interviewing him. Inside his mind he wanted to say how much it was an honor for him to be part of the tourney, how excited he was to be in front of a crowd but since he is nothing but a piece of dough shaped like a boy he could do and say absolutely nothing. Which would also be a dilemma later when he is to fight in the ring. Allison banks gets flustered at Dough Boy's silent treatment.

Allison Banks: "You sir are a rude person. Fine, if you do not wish to talk to me, then I guess this interview is over. For NPW this is Allison Banks with Dough Boy who doesn't seem to want to talk to anyone."

Allison Banks leaves in a huff followed by the camera crew leaving Dough Boy alone and misunderstood. Dough Boy would have cried if he had tear ducts but since he doesn't he just stood there leaning on the wall as the screen fades to black.

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Re: Dough Boy's Interview

Post  Taufik on Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:47 am


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