The one to be watch at NPW

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The one to be watch at NPW

Post  courtside13 on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:03 pm

The camera shows on of the newest members of NPW and Allison Banks is with her for some talk

Allison Banks: Excuse me Ashter, Can I ask you something? I just wanted to know what is the feeling to fight later tonight at your first match on NPW? And what do you feel being here?

Ashter: Well, first of all thank you for coming here Allison Banks for letting the fans know who I am. By the way, I am Ashter, the perfect wrestler that all fans wanted to see on the ring later tonight and being on NPW is great because I know this fed has the best wrestlers in thus business. So what do I need to say I guess? Just wanted to show what I got and be a champ in the near future.


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