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I'm Destructo

Post  Destructo on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:38 am

Wrestler name: Destructo (Red = Funny, Blue = Serious)
Alignment: Tweener
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Where you live: Brazil
Gimmick: Destructo have a double personality, but not crazy, he is sometimes a funny guy others he is a serious guy, aways in extreme ways.
Entrance: The lights went out and Matter of Time of Hellyeah begins to play, the lights come back and Destructo is in the titantron going down the ramp making he's way to the ring.
Short Bio: Destructo is a top contender known all over the globe for his vicious attacks agains whatever get's in his way, loved and hated because of that. He aways pursuit what he think's it's better for himself and don't care in what happens if he can get what he want.


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