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weight class-Super heavyweight
weight-320 lbs
from-The carinival
Entrance-clown music plays as chuckles makes his way to the ring wearing a clown
costume and carrying his bag of tricks.
Trademarks and finishers-Modified Alley Woop,
Modified Samoan Drop, The merry go round
Bio-banned from being a circus clown inraged chuckles went crazy and severly beat
his fellow circus peformers and dissappered for ten years he has now been found in the woods of tennessee where he has trained by wrestling bears and lifting logs he is redy for inflicting pain and rage he will not stop he is best known for carrying his bag of tricks which has been known to carry brass knuckles and even a blowtorch he will get his chuckles out of torturing his opponets weather he wins or looses he wants to be sure when its over he is the only one not hurt after the match is over so Be Redy Be PrePaired For The Clown Of The Dark side he is still never been convicted for his


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