Gary Deadman Arrives

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Gary Deadman Arrives

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:31 am

In the parking lot there is a new wrestler, arriving in his Red BMW Z4, he has been trained as a boxer by his father with a 100-0 win/loss record, but a wrestling legend had changed his mind and train him as a wrestler, according to that legend, Gary had broken 5 other student noses just from his boxing background.

Gary Deadman gets out of his car.

Gary Deadman: "So this is the arena of WDW and NPW, good parking lot, lots of space".

His valet gets out of the passage side of the car.

Minnie Jackson: "Come on Gary let’s look around".

Gary Deadman: "You always the same, every new place you go to, we always got to look around".

Minnie Jackson: "Spoil sports".

Gary Deadman: "Look here’s $50 go a find a clothes shop and get something nice for later, I got something to do".

Minnie Jackson: "Ok!"

As Minnie leaves, Gary just remember he need to get something.

Gary Deadman: "Damn, I need to get a present for Minnie".

Gary leaves then returns with a box, he just remember that Minnie was his girlfriend and he ever brought her anything.

Minnie returns, Gary got his hands behind his back.

Minnie Jackson: "What’s the matter Gary?"

Gary Deadman: "You know we're in a relationship and I’ve never brought you anything".

Minnie Jackson: "yeah, go on say what you going to say".

Gary Deadman gets on one knee and opens the box.

Gary Deadman: "Minnie will you marry me".

Minnie Jackson: "Yes".

Gary places the diamond ring on Minnie finger and kisses her the scene fades to black.


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Re: Gary Deadman Arrives

Post  Taufik on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:41 am


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