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Gary Deadman Bio

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Wrestler Name: Gary Deadman
Alignment: Face
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Where you live: Bristol, England
Gimmick: A trained boxer turned wrestler, Gary Deadman gives a new meaning of pain with this boxer background. His punches are most deadly.
Entrance: Gary Deadman makes his way to the ring, wearing a green shirt with black lines down the sides with blue 3/4 length shorts with black and gold trainers and green face paint around the eyes, greeting the mob from the limousine's roof, with his trainer, who's giving him his last suggestions for the match, the mat is covered with a red carpet.
Short Bio: Born in a boxing family with his father, his dad father and his grandad father all boxers, Gary Deadman chose to train as a boxer until meeting a wrestling legend. The meeting changed his life with becoming a wrestler. With the boxing background Gary Deadman's punches are deadly as he had a 100-0 amateur boxing win/loss record.
Finishers: Killing In The Name (Pin), The Commander (Direct Damage), Deadman's Drop (Direct Damage)
Taunts: I Know You To Well.
Trademarks: Two Handed Face Buster, Front Power Slam, Diving Big Boot.

Picture: As the gimmick is a boxer turned wrestler, so for the picture I'm picking a picture of Ricky Hatton.


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