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The Ton-man is in...

Post  tonelada on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:24 pm

Wrestler Name: Tonelada
Alignment: Tweener
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Where You Live: Philippines
Gimmick: Idiotic fool with an even more idiotic assistant...
Entrance: Sisqo's Thong Song blast through the speakers of the arena as Tonelada and Russell comes out to the thrill of fans. The two walk down the ramp as live chickens are dropped from atop the titan tron to the disgust of animal rights groups. Tonelada enters the ring to mixed reactions from the crowd until the ring post shoots out dirty magazines which draws overwhelming cheers.
Bio: Tonelada grew up in the mountains in the beautiful province of Laguna in the Philippines. Here, he developed his strength in doing chores and his stamina in running from his kawayan-wielding mom. He decided to leave the country in the hopes of getting a job to aid his family in the expenses. Alas, because of his lack of exposure to formal education, he failed to get a decent job. He ended up in the streets where he met Russell, an idiotic fat guy who sold weed. The two hit it off and soon both where well-known marijuana suppliers. This led to them being chased by cops, the armed forces, DEA, ATF, FBI, CIA, Interpol and Bones season 4. This forced them to hide within the intricate legal procedures of wrestling federations. Now they are in WDW looking to cause mischief and earn a buck or two.


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