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Rikishi Bio

Post  rikishi on Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:06 am

Wrestler name: Rikishi
Alignment: Tweener
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Where you live: California
Gimmick: Rikishi isn't one who strives on being the best in the federation. He focuses more on having fun in the ring along with trying to keep the crowd entertained. Whether that means he has to win the match, or just have fun by embarrassing his opponent in the ring with his giant rear end. Gm's usually place Rikishi in the ring with wrestler's who don't know their place in the business.
Entrance: Rikishi comes out from backstage and the crowd begins to cheer as Rikishi walks down the ramp. Rikishi climbs over the top rope and walks into the middle of the ring. He raises his arms up and begins to smack his ass. (Only if he enters first, ass the proceeding) He turns toward the entrance and awaits for his opponent.
Short Bio: Rikishi's career first started out during his high school year. As his high school years came to an end, Rikishi quickly got into a backyard wrestling federation. From than on his career began to sky rocket. He was offered a contract with a national federation, where he spent a couple of years. As the contract came to an end, Rikishi was offered another contract into a new federation NPW Backyard Asylum.
-Atomic Ass Bomb
-Ass pin
-Full Moon
-Ass Slap

(Wrestler is in profile picture)

Think your man enough to get in the ring with the man with the giant ass?!

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