Monkey D. Hugo's in!

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Monkey D. Hugo's in!

Post  Monkey D. Hugo on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:02 pm

Wrestler name: Monkey D. Hugo
Alignment: Face, but tweener sometimes
Weight Class: Lightweight
Gender: Male
Where you live: Portugal
Gimmick: Once furious, extremely dangerous.
Entrance: Enters with a miner costume.Get out alive by Three days grace starts playing and Monkey D. Hugo arrives from the exit with a chair with him, and starts hitting himself meaning he is ready for everything.He crosses his arms in the air and starts running to the ring, he jumps over the ropes and goes to the turnbuckle.He crosses his arms again.
Short Bio: Born in portugal, he likes wrestling since his 7 years.From the going years, he starts training very hard to be a wrestler, debuting in OVW, since now.Now he has a contract with NPW.

Monkey D. Hugo

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