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Post  Temperedjoker on Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:15 am

Wrestler name: Temperedjoker
Alignment: Whatever is right at that time.
Weight Class: Whatever is needed to fill the division. I've played him as a lightweight highflyer and a heavyweight powerhouse. He's also been in both classes at once holding titles in numerous feds.
Gender: Male
Where you live: ???
Gimmick: Mysteriously here and there. Like Sting but without all the gayness of Sting.
Short Bio: A very experienced fighter that has been reborn and is begining to regain the strength he once had. While may not be as strong as most fighters in his level, Joker has had enough experience through his lives and rebirths that he is an extreme tactician. Defeating much bigger and stronger opponents without ever breaking a sweat.


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