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Dough Boy

Post  Dough Boy on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:30 pm

Wrestler Name: Dough Boy

Alignment: Tweener

Weight Class: Lightweight

Gimmick: A boy made of dough.

Hometown: Pillsbury

Entrance: Dough Boy is carted down by stagehands and placed in the ring. He sits there doing absolutely nothing.

Short Bio: It was a dreary winter day at the bakery and the young baker's apprentice, jealous of all his friends who played out in the snow decided to have fun too. Seeing his friends build snowmen, the baker's apprentice made himself a boy made of dough. But then, the boy of dough just sat there and did nothing at all. Soon the boy of dough or Dough Boy was forgotten until a gay fairy named Tullo came along. Now Tullo was just dumped by his life partner Maxo, and seeing that Dough Boy can make a perfect pseudo-life partner to make Maxo jealous, Tullo the gay fairy gave life to Dough Boy by waving his magic wand. But in mid-spell Maxo the other gay fairy came along and told Tullo that he made a mistake, the two fairies hugged, kissed and had hot steamy sex before disappearing to fairyland. With the spell half casted Dough Boy had consciousness but cannot move. One day Pinky came along the bakery looking for food and somehow realized that Dough Boy had consciousness, he brought Dough Boy to his federation NPW to be a wrestler even if Dough Boy cannot move which also means he cannot wrestle. But Pinky didn't care because he needed a jobber in NPW anyways. Thus began the story of a boy made of dough who can't move at all in the world of wrestling.

Dough Boy

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