On top of the truck

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On top of the truck

Post  Allister King on Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:18 am

The Camera fades from black to show the parking lot and Allister King sitting on the roof of a truck

Allister: Life isn't all its cracked up to be son. You turn your back for even a split second and it will stab you.

Allister Begins to roll a cigarette using tobacco in a pouch beside him.

Allister: But one must fight through the torment, pick them selfs up of the ground and continue on living like some mindless drone.

Allister Lights the cigarette

Allister: I, on the other hand, will turn around and stab life back. One lose and i let it get to me. How pathetic am i getting these days?

He Smokes more of his cigarette

Allister: That samurai bested me once but i won't let him do it again. I will force my way back to the top and take that title of him.

Allister looks up and smiles

Allister: Or maybe i will buy it off him 'cause he obviously wants to get rid of it that badly.

He flicks the cigarette away and jumps of the roof of the truck to the concrete below him

Allister: Screw this plan of trying to get that title i have a better idea

He Lets of a sly grin

Allister: Perhaps i will give taufik a visit

Allister is seen walking into the arena as the camera fades to black
Allister King
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