Dom has an idea

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Dom has an idea

Post  Dom and Don on Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:26 am

the white mouse looks up from behind his desk as a wrestler steps into his office. it is one of the twins on his promotion's roster.

dom: "hello. i got something on my mind. i want to run it by you to see what you think."

dom takes a seat.

dom: "we got ourselves bragging rights over npw after we beat their crew. i have an idea: why don't we take the fight to them? we've whupped them once, we can do it again."

dom eyes the brain's reaction, before continuing.

dom: "you can send a crew to npw to represent wdw in their matches. think of the publicity that is going to get."

dom wonders if the brain agrees, as he waits for a reaction.
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