Don makes a petition

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Don makes a petition

Post  Dom and Don on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:55 am

even though it is a weekend, the offices of world domination wrestling remain open, albeit with only one member of the company present.

the brain has no time for a weekend. relaxing is a frivolous waste of time when taking over the world is an ongoing project.

there is a knock, surprising the brain. a moment later, one of his wrestlers steps into his office.

the wrestler greets him, and at first he thought it was one of the members of that winning team who beat pinky's pathetic excuse of an npw roster. then he realized it is the twin of the guy on that team.

don: "hi. i was told you're in today. got something i'd like to ask. can i have a seat?"

don quickly pulls a chair, not waiting for the brain to respond. he hesitates to continue, apparently uneasy over something, but decides to go ahead and share what's on his mind.

don: "dom and i are grateful for this opportunity to compete in wdw. dom especially. we're happy that you gave him a chance to represent wdw in that 4 vs 4 tag team match. i would like you to know that dom and i have a lot to offer world domination wrestling. he was given a chance to shine, and he helped team wdw win. i can do the same. i can help make world domination wrestling a must-see spectacle. you've seen what i can do. all i ask is the same thing you gave my bro, and that's an opportunity to show that i can be the wrestler to bring you ratings and money."
Dom and Don
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