Kiichi adresses his allies

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Kiichi adresses his allies

Post  Kiichi on Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:59 pm

The camera shows Kiichi striding along the hallways in quite a pace. When he arrives at the lockerroom his face clearly reveals that he is not too happy with something. Although he is composed, he is also very tense and in his eyes there is a certain fire to be found. He is looking around for his allies for the upcoming match James D, Assasion Venom and the Miz. In a controlled, but anything but calm voice he starts adressing them.

Kiichi: Greetings. Since we have to work together in that upcoming match I feel like it is my responsibility to clarify some things. First off I am not a good teamworker. If you want to work with me you got to let me do my thing....otherwise you might end up regretting it, no offence.

He looks around with a seriously look, not even blinking.

Kiichi: Secondly I am not at all happy with this match to begin with. After that fat bastard Rikishi screwed me out of my titleshot with that pipe I certainly desire to hear other screams than the ones of those poor WDW loosers.

Starting to loose his composition he begins to breath more heavily, which goes along with a change of tone in his voice.

Kiichi: But I consider myself to be a man of honour and I will try to do my best fighting by your side. I can channel and redirect my rage pretty good, but you better not cross me in any way. I promise you, people will scream in agony during that better make sure it isnĀ“t you.


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