Dom calls out some people

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Dom calls out some people

Post  Dom and Don on Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:29 am

the camera starts rolling as a big, muscled man arrives. he sets his large gym bag down on the floor, noticing that he's the only one around.

he sees the cameraman, and shrugs as a reaction to being the only one around.

dom: "don said he'd be leaving early. he's probably having nachos or something. anyway, we can start this without him. he's got nothin' to do with this gig."

dom gets closer to the camera.

dom: "sometimes, you have to talk to the right people to be able to show what you're made of. i started out in world domination wrestling on the losing end of my first match. but that's ancient history, along with the dinosaurs and aztecs.

dom smiles as he begins to explain.

dom: "the good boss himself has asked me to be one of four men to represent wdw, in a four vs four elimination match against the team from narf poit wrestling. you are gonna see me joining forces with jim rival, tomici and k4zuya, as we go head to head against whoever npw sends us."

dom's smile gets wider as he continues.

dom: "that's all don and i wanted when we got here. we wanted the chance to prove we're good enough to have our names in bright lights. i'm going to take that step, and i'm gonna prove why i should be in the spotlight. there is one thing i want to make clear, though. and this is for k4zuya, jim rival and tomici."

dom pauses, as if he's waiting to make sure tomici, k4zuya and jim rival are paying attention.

dom: "we have ourselves the chance to show everyone just what we're capable of doing. we can steal the show and demonstrate how dominant wdw is over npw. i'm putting it on public record that i am going to do everything i can to help wdw win this match, and i want you three to give the same effort. it'll be completely sad and pathetic if you don't. we gotta be on the same page. i hope i am clear on this, so we can put npw away."

dom gives a two-thumbs up salute, before the video ends.
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