Totally Zaney!!

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Totally Zaney!!

Post  Yakko on Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:11 pm

*Pinky is Sitting in his office heading some cheese when a head puts up from the opposite side of the table

??: Hey Pinky! Want a bologne sandwich?

Pinky: NARF!! is the cheese in it?

*The Person stands up full showing himself to be an unknown animal wearing Slacks.

??: You know Pinky the only thing you will come close to getting a brainstorm is a light drizzle.

Pinky: Yakko! POIT! why are you here?

Yakko: Because i heard there might be some hot girls around here

Pinky: I don't think there is. Narf!

Yakko: We will see about that? Give me a job and i will find these girls

Pinky: Ok how about Vice General Manager?

Yakko: Well you could use an extra brain around here considering that yours resembles that the crowd at a Hugh grant movie

Pinky: What does that mean? Narf!

Yakko: Empty! but sure why not? As long as i have my own personal secretary.

Pinky: Sure!

Yakko: Sweet!

*Yakko Looks out the door and see a beautiful woman walking by


*Yakko runs through the wall leaving a Yakko shaped hole

Pinky: Now i can finishing eating my cheese!

*Yakko's head pops up from behind the hole and he blows a kiss to the camera

Yakko: Good Night, Everybody!

*The Camera fades to black as Yakko is seen running from security

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