Don after the 10/10 show

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Don after the 10/10 show

Post  Dom and Don on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:31 pm

we find dom - or is it don? - making his way down the hall, already carrying his personal bag. various staff walk by him, wrapping up world domination wrestling's latest show and getting ready to call it a night.

the twin has a satisfied smile as he faces the camera.

don: "is chuckles still smiling after what i did to him? i would be surprised if he was. i singlehandedly turned the chuckler into the upchucker. yes, that's what i did. superior training and conditioning carried the day, and i move further up the ladder here in world domination wrestling."

don flexes one arm, showing off his muscle.

don: "this arm is part of a total package that's going to rock wdw. and on top of that, i get to have bragging rights over dom for another week. the odd thing though, is that his match never happened. we were told who we were gonna fight, and greek hero never showed."

don stops posing.

don: "if you ask me, i think greek hero lost his nerve after what i did to chuck. and he bailed. dom could understand that, but that doesn't make him feel any better about it. anyway, 'nuff about him. i'm on a hot streak, and i'm gonna ride it all the way to the top."

don walks past the camera.
Dom and Don
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