The Miz Awesome Debuts

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The Miz Awesome Debuts

Post  The Miz Awesome on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:42 pm

The lights Dim and a figure is seen on the ramp,suddenly a voice screams : AWESOME !! While The Miz Awesome is seen walking from the ramp to the ring while the crowd is booing.

Miz : The Miz Awesome is back to Wrestling !!!

*crowd boos*

Miz : Well i am back to wrestling and i am the newest member of the NPW roster. Well i am not here to fire up the crowd or to tell jokes and to give the audience a good time. I am only out here for one reason and its to make a statment. I want to warn every one on the NPW roster that The Awesome One has arrived and I will Dominate the entire federation and if anyone stands in my way i will make him suffer because I am The Miz And I Am Awesome !!!

The Miz Awesome Leaves the arena while the crowd boos

The Miz Awesome

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Re: The Miz Awesome Debuts

Post  Assassin Venom on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:47 am

An unknown wrestler enters the titan tron, before miz exits the room

Venom - "Wait up there bro.. you are not leaving yet!"

The arena is silent as Assassin Venom continues to talk

Venom - "You might not know me but my name is Assassin Venom"

The miz awesome looks at Assassin Venom in a strange way as he walk towards the ring

Venom - "I just heard your statement backstage... and i like what u stand for bro"

The croud starts to boo at Assassin Venom as he starts to smile

Venom - "i was hopping that we could make an impact together in this fed, and show how awesyoome we truly are together"

The Miz Awesome looks at Assassin Venom and starts to talk

Miz - " I like your idea venom and i think that we could make a awesome and deadly tag"

Assassin Venom puts his hand out

Venom - " shake my hand now and we will become the most extreme, deadly, powerful and most awesome tag that this fed has ever seen"

The miz awesome looks in to the eyes of "the greatest Assassin" Assassin Venom and shakes his hand

Miz - " let´s show the whole world that we are the most awesome tag ever and let us share the glorious tag team gold"

The miz Awesome looks proud at Assassin Venom as Assassin Venom says

Venom - "Let us be The Awesome Assassins and let us be the first tag team champions ever"

The two wrestlers looks proud as they leave the ring toghter as an united force

Assassin Venom

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