Dom and Don make a video

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Dom and Don make a video

Post  Dom and Don on Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:21 am

the screen flickers on, and we see one of the wrestling twins standing by. a flashing rec sign is on the lower righthand corner.

don: "this isn't the kinda quality video recording you'd expect from a big budget fed like wdw, but it's just our luck that some of their equipment shorted out, so we can't use the hd cameras. we got us instead this small canon camera for these promos. enough 'bout that, though. today, me and my bro want to discuss about our upcoming matches on world domination wrestling's next show. in case you're wondering, i'm the twin who won his match last week."

he pauses for a moment, smiling for the camera.

don: "my bro and i, we've been competing with each other the whole time we've been wrestling. we're not some dysfunctional jerry springer family unit that doesn't get along or anything, but...we can't help but try to one-up each other. last time out, i came out on top, while my bro didn't. this weekend, i plan on getting another big win when i fight chuckie from child's play."

don turns briefly to address his brother.

don: "hey don't laugh too loudly on my promo time.

he turns his attention back on the camera.

don: "anyway, i can imagine i'm not coming in as the favorite. after all, chuckie is chuckie. he's a famous movie star and all that. but let's face it, that was years ago. as far as i'm concerned, chuckie is just another body i have to get the 1, 2, 3 on to get to my goal. no offense meant, chuck, but you're that stepping stone i need to get to where i want to be in world domination wrestling. you can try to stop that, but i'm not gonna let you."

don sneers at the camera for a few long moments, before gesturing to his brother off camera.

don: "c'mon bro. your turn."

he quickly steps out of the shot. a few moments later, dom comes in to take his seat.

dom: "adveristy drives the urge to try and make things right. the outcome of my match has done little more than feed my desire to make things right for myself as soon as possible. this means i go for a win, and it's going to be wrestling you, greek hero. you sound like a tough guy to beat with a fancy name like that. maybe you like to think of yourself as some kinda achilles, or leonidas, or hector, or hercules. the problem about greek heroes though, is that...well, they wind up lying face down in the dirt. dead. take a good, long guess on what your outcome is going to be when we lock up."

dom stares intently at the camera for a long moment, then glances sideways.

dom: "we done here? great."

he makes his exit.
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