Dom and Don on the better brother

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Dom and Don on the better brother

Post  Dom and Don on Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:05 am

we see a man leaning over the sink as he washes his face, wearing only a towel around his waist. muscles built and chiseled from years of training flex and stretch as he lathers the facial wash.

he hears a voice behind him.

man: "only a couple more days till we find out if i'm still gonna be the better bro, bro."

the man continues to wash his face, cupping water in his hands to wash himself.

man: "i suppose technically, i'd still be the better brother, since i'd still have made it through one round of this title tourney, while you never made it past the first hurdle and all."

man at sink: "i suppose you'd be right, don. but like you said, this better brother business is only good till our next show. you could be out, and i could be successfully building my case to be one of the first to challenge whoever ends up winning the strap."

dom's brother continues to talk behind him as he cleans himself up. the camera is in a hard position, facing the sink, so it is unable to turn to focus on don.

don: "well, gimme some space to enjoy it. you were lordin' it over me when we were at tallahassee, always chasing the big belt over there, while i got stuck with some wannabe as a tag partner. gimme a week to relish this. if i beat this chuckles dude, then--"

dom: "maybe i can have the right to be more snarky about it?"

dom hears don stifle a chuckle.

don: "heck no. you're not exactly getting a lousy matchup. you got some greek guy. i have to deal with chuckie from child's play in the tourney."

dom wipes himself dry.

dom: "yeah. we should head over to the soundstage to get some promos done. i guess it's a good thing i didn't cut that promo about l-dawg i had in mind. i'd be looking like a complete tool if that ever came out."

don: "i don't think it would've happened, being that you'd be ripping on l-dawg of all people."

dom heads to his locker, pulling some clothes out.

dom: "c'mon. there's a deadline to get some hype ready for our matches."
Dom and Don
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