GM Announces changes at one semi final

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GM Announces changes at one semi final

Post  The Brain on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:42 pm

The Brain is sitting in his office.Next to him standing backstage interviewer Wilhelmina Burke. The Brain realises that camera is now on and he is ready to announce two things.

The Brain : Welcome my lovely fans. Tonight we will have second semi-final match and the winner will advance to the to final which will be held at the PPV! And he will be facing The Morbidly Obese Man for WDW Dominator title. Now about a match which will be held today, Wilco was one of the contestants to advance into the finals has disappeared. WDW staff tried to contact him all week and was unsuccessful. We just received work today that he may be out for a week.

The Brain makes a little pause

The Brain : So now I am officially terminating his contract! And he will be replaced in semifinal match by Tonelada. So its gonna be Tonelada versus Jim Rival the winner will advance to the finals.

The Brain drinks the glass of water

The Brain : Now excuse me I need to think do some thinking about that accursed Elmyra.

Scene fades away
The Brain
The Brain

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