Super Destroyer Comes Forth

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Super Destroyer Comes Forth

Post  ? on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:19 pm

A huge explosion is heard and out jumps Super Destroyer XXX from the top of the entrance ramp. He quickly made his way down the ring and grabs a mic before entering the ring.

Super Destroyer XXX: "For those who don't know me yet, I am Super Destroyer XXX! Not to be mistaken for Super Destroyer XX or Super Destroyer X, I have three Xs in my name because I am thrice the pervert!"

The crowd stares at the weirdo wrestler not knowing whether to laugh or just ignore him.

Super Destroyer XXX: "You see being Super Destroyer XXX, you saw me get destroyed by Q on my debut, and last week you saw me along with Taufik destroy another team! Tonight I shall be facing Tom "Future" Perfect, now the question is shall I destroy him or shall he destroy me? Either way I still win because someone gets destroyed! WAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Super Destroyer XXX laughs so hard that he starts coughing, he then trips over his own shoes and tumbles over the top rope hitting his head on the floor and knocking himself out. Interns quickly rush in and drag him by the feet backstage to receive some medical attention before his match.


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