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Alparslan video

Post  Alparslan on Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:41 am

The camera shows David King and Fitzpatrick at the announcing table

David King: ladies and gentlemen we are now gonna show you a little about NPW's newest signing Alparslan

the titantron starts the video

Alparslan: who am I?

Alparslan laughs a little and looks into the camera with his black eyes

Alparslan: I am you worst nightmare

The camera shows Alparslan beating down some people

Alparslan: people does not and I mean not stand a chance against me, becouse im just like my car

Alparslan walks over to his Nissan SKyline GT-R

Alparslan: im Fast , im powerfull and im specially worth watching

Alparslan walks to his front door

Alparslan: I'll see you in your nightmares

The camera fades away


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