The meeting of James Cann

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The meeting of James Cann

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:50 pm

The camera goes to the locker room where only Gary Deadman is sat.

Gary Deadman: So there is a something Chamber match that Pinky setting up, meh, not my cup of tea, I won’t give up until the season ends, so for the final show, I want the person that knocked me out before the match, in a Last Man Standing match lets see if he can take the pain.

Knocks on the door.

Gary Deadman: come in.

Minnie Jackson: oh, did I come at the wrong time.

Gary Deadman: not really, well yes but it doesn’t matter.

Minnie Jackson: have you given that Steve Kingdom a call.

Gary Deadman: Yeah I told him that don’t go planning a stag night, as I’m not into them.

Minnie Jackson: oh that’s how you want it done, it’s your choice.

Gary Deadman: My choice, that why I’m not going to do the something Chamber match next week.

Minnie Jackson: Why.

Gary Deadman: After the show, which I won’t go into the Chamber Match, we’ll be getting into my BMW and driving all the way to a new fed arena.

Minnie Jackson: When you will have to call me Ms Minnie Deadman from then on.

Gary Deadman: yeah that one thing.

Some gay bloke just walks out from the showers.

Gary Deadman: Sorry but why are you using the wrestlers showers.

Gay Bloke: Oh sorry, do you know a person call Steve Kingdom.

Minnie Jackson: yeah we know him.

Gay Bloke: I’m his friend James Cann.

Gary Deadman: Damn right your gay, I can tell it in your voice.

James Cann: I had Gay dads anyway, I was fostered to them.

Minnie Jackson: That had to be hard to live with, at school.

James Cann: Yeah, I was bullied a lot, mostly by another gay person.

Gary Deadman: Damn that’s not good.

James Cann: Please note now, he’s my gay husband.

Minnie Jackson: So you’re married.

James Cann: Yep civil wedding, I’ve heard you to have a wedding next week.

Minnie Jackson: Yes we have.

James Cann: And I’m driving you, Minnie to the arena, I know the way like the back of my head, but I can’t see the back of my head.

The scene fades as James Cann, Minnie Jackson and Gary Deadman leaves the locker room.


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