The Meeting That Change Lives

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The Meeting That Change Lives

Post  Guest on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:22 am

The camera heads backstage with Gary Deadman and his fiancée Minnie Jackson.

Gary Deadman: Are you sure that this is what you want Minnie.

Minnie Jackson: Yes it is that is why I accepted the proposal of marriage.

Gary Deadman: You know that our wedding is in 2 weeks time.

Minnie Jackson: Yeah, I and my mother went shopping for a dress Saturday.

Gary Deadman: Don’t go into detail, I’ve ain’t got a best man yet.

A person walks by.

Gary Deadman: Yo, can I ask who you are.

Strange Person: I’m a local taxi driver just looking for the public toilets.

Gary Deadman: Just down the hall to your right, anyway what’s your name.

Taxi Driver: Steve Kingdom.

Gary Deadman: Nice to meet you Steve, are you busy in 2 weeks time.

Steve Kingdom: I don’t work Wednesdays. Why?

Gary Deadman: Can you be kindly be my fiancée driver to the arena.

Minnie Jackson: You don’t have to Gary; you need a best man for the wedding.

Steve Kingdom: So you 2 are getting married and Gary you want me as a driver for Minnie, but you also need a best man. I’ve got a friend that don’t work Wednesday he can help with driving Minnie to the Arena and I’ll make sure you get the Arena on time as well Gary.

Gary Deadman: So you’ll be my best man, oh my god thank you, anyway who is your friend.

Steve Kingdom: His name is James Cann, you’ll be alright Minnie he’s gay so, you have no problems with him.

Minnie Jackson: That’s good.

Gary Deadman: Very good.

Steve Kingdom: Well here’s my number if you need me Gary.

Gary takes the piece of paper and the scene fades to black.


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